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Notion Iterative Design Process

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Project Management
26 August 2023

About the service

This custom Iterative Design Process Template will aid the likes of Product/Industrial Designers and Engineers Design their products from research to their product or service to their end consumers.

What's Inside:

  • Research: This is where you research existing products, and research existing solutions and more information about the product you are designing and making.

  • Design Brief: What your product is and what it has to do.

  • Requirements: What are the requirements for the product?

  • Client Information: Information about your client/target market.

  • Designs: Initial and developed designs of your product.

  • Prototyping: The materials you will use, and how it will be made.

  • Testing: The tests for the prototype.

  • Client Feedback: The feedback from your client to improve your design.

  • Evaluation: Evaluate your model against the requirements.

  • Modification: Any modifications that will need to be made to improve your prototype/final design.  

  • Final Testing: Testing the model after modification to see if it meets the requirements.  

  • Final Evaluation: Re-evaluate it against the requirements.

  • Presenting The Final Product To The Client: Presenting the final model/design to the client.

  • Manufacturing The Product: How you will manufacture the product for the mass market.

  • Advertising/Releasing The Product: This will be used to keep track of how and where you are going to advertise your product.

This highly customisable template includes a timeline to track your stages in the design process, and a series of tables to keep on top of each step so you know exactly what to do when you next open the Notion template, with tabs to keep track of deadlines and now with the ability to set a status for each task in the process. This design process template can be used on a small scale for making one-off pieces, up to batch and mass production which can be done by adding more steps to each stage.

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