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Join us on a redefined platform experience with the launch of HYVE 2.5! The new user interface is intuitive, granting freelancers a better experience, with effortless navigation through the platform. The restructuring of listing categories ensures an intuitive browsing experience, while the introduction of Digital Items opens new collaboration possibilities, allowing content creators to showcase and sell their templates, artwork, and more. Listings receive a boost with tags for improved discoverability, and you can also enjoy faster and smoother interactions with a refined creation process. Our commitment to innovation extends to an optimized blockchain infrastructure, expanded social media login options, a powerful search feature, and many more.
  • A new user interface with a brand new user experience
  • Improved layout and better navigation for effortless access to platform features
  • A completely overhauled interface, offering a modern and intuitive user experience
  • Added a new collaboration method, Digital Items, which grants content creators the possibility to sell their templates and content. This allows you to not only display your Notion templates, artwork, illustrations, photography, music compositions, eBooks, and other digital items but also to showcase your ingenuity to a captivated audience eager to explore new frontiers of creativity
  • Added “Explore by Category” features that lets you jump directly to the listings that interest you the most, based on the niche you work on
  • Enhanced each listing with a tags section, allowing users to categorize and improve the findability of their listings based on relevant keywords
  • Implemented an FAQ section for each listing, providing quick answers to common queries and improving user guidance
  • Implemented a "reserved" tag to indicate that a specific listing (task/job) has been allocated to a freelancer, indicating that the solution process is in progress and ensuring transparency in the platform's workflow
  • Simplified the workflows and made them more intuitive by enhancing overall user productivity on the platform
  • Enhanced the creation page to reflect the standard listing view, enabling users to easily visualize the final appearance of their listings during the creation process
  • Added new social media login methods
  • Overhauled the entire blockchain infrastructure
  • Added a new and optimized search option on the landing page that lets you find the best candidate for the jobs, and the listings that are already open on the platform;
  • Enhanced the listing creation process by introducing a WYSIWYG editor, allowing listing owners to describe their listings in a more visually intuitive manner
  • Resolved issues causing slow load times and laggy interactions - enjoy a significantly faster and smoother online experience
Patch nameHYVE V2.5 goes live!
Changelist titleV2.5
Last updateJuly 20, 2023
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