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HYVE introduces a new collaboration feature – Reviews. Now users can showcase and share feedback seamlessly through a dedicated review section on user profiles and listing info cards. Star ratings are prominently displayed alongside user and listing details, providing a quick overview of reviews and fostering trust and transparency across the platform, also users can now navigate to past listings to contribute feedback, strengthening collaboration development. The listing pages are updated with a dedicated review section, further enhancing transparency and user engagement. To streamline the user experience, pagination on the wallet page organizes blockchain currencies efficiently for easy navigation, and the wallet withdrawal process has been refined, addressing previous issues. These updates collectively contribute to a more robust and user-friendly environment on the HYVE platform.
  • Added a new feature on HYVE that is meant to enhance collaboration - Reviews;
  • Added a review section to user profiles, enabling the display and sharing of user feedback;
  • Implemented the display of star ratings alongside user profile info and on listing info cards. This update provides a quick overview of user and listing reviews, enhancing trust and transparency across the platform;
  • Implemented the possibility for users to navigate to past listings to share their feedback on collaborations development;
  • Updated listing pages with a dedicated section for reviews, enhancing transparency and user engagement;
  • Implemented pagination on the wallet page to better organize and display various blockchain currencies for easier navigation
  • Streamlined the wallet withdrawal process, fixing previous issues to improve overall user experience on the wallet page;
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Patch nameHYVE V2.5 goes live!
Changelist titleV2.5.4
Last updateNovember 8, 2023
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