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HYVE introduces the sixth blockchain, CRONOS, along with its native coin $CRO, providing an additional payment method for tokens available on this chain. Moreover, users can now easily access a dedicated wallet page, facilitating transparent tracking of earnings from freelancing and digital marketplace activities. The addition of a withdrawal modal streamlines the earnings withdrawal process, complete with estimated network fee information. Fixes address issues such as infinite loading on the "Claim HYVE" page, accurate gas fee estimations, and optimized search functionality for faster results retrieval.
  • Added the sixth blockchain on HYVE, CRONOS, together with their native coin $CRO as a payment method on the stables that are on the chain;
  • Added a wallet page, which can now be easily accessed and checked by our users;
  • Added a convenient withdrawal modal for users to easily withdraw earnings from freelancing or digital marketplace activities;
  • Provide an estimation for the network fee associated with the withdrawal action;
  • Achieved seamless functionality across all six blockchains simultaneously (Ethereum, BNB, Fantom, Polygon, Avalanche and CRONOS);
  • Set the limit for decimals at two for any listing, including approximations, so there won’t be large decimals displayed on the interface;
  • Added a lower limit for starting price for listings;
  • Improved user experience by making dropdowns for languages, location, and skills searchable, enhancing the ease of selection during profile editing;
  • We've revamped the gallery for attached pictures within digital item listings, improving the ease of use for exploring the visuals;
  • Fixed the issue causing infinite loading on the "Claim HYVE" page when searching for token ownership;
  • Fixed the gas fee value estimation for all the contract interactions;
  • Fixed a minor issue that was causing the banner carousel to have a faulty aspect ratio;
  • Optimized the search functionality for faster and more efficient results retrieval, reducing search query response times;
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Patch nameHYVE V2.5 goes live!
Changelist titleV2.5.3
Last updateOctober 17, 2023
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