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This new update brings a new feature on HYVE, the in app live chats, meaning that freelancers can now interact with their employer. Alongside with this, we also added the seventh blockchain, AURORA, and its native coin $AURORA as a payment method, expanding payment options. The dedicated chat webpage, widget-style chat, and live notifications for messages ensure convenient access and informed communication. The chat system is optimized for both mobile and desktop platforms. Fixes address issues such as the review modal not reappearing, introducing a symbol for approximations, implementing a "no reviews" state, and ensuring automatic updates for listing rating breakdowns. These updates contribute to a robust, user-friendly, and transparent ecosystem on the HYVE platform.
  • Added new chat feature on HYVE to boost real-time communication and collaboration;
  • Added the seventh blockchain on HYVE, AURORA, together with their native coin $AURORA as a payment method on the stables that are on the chain;
  • Achieved seamless functionality across all seven blockchains simultaneously (Ethereum, BNB, Fantom, Polygon, Avalanche, CRONOS and AURORA);
  • Implemented a dedicated webpage for chat, enabling users to view their conversations and access chat rooms;
  • Added a widget-style chat that appears across the platform, providing quick access to conversations;
  • Enabled live notifications for messages and conversation creation to keep users informed;
  • Optimized the chat system for both mobile and desktop platforms, ensuring seamless communication regardless of the device;
  • On the user profile page, in the reviews section for that user, added the title of the listing where the review was created based on that interaction, providing users with more context and clarity regarding their reviews;
  • Resolved the issue where the review modal was not showing up again if a user didn't complete a review the first time, ensuring users have the opportunity to leave feedback at their convenience;
  • Add ~ sign followed by a number that symbolizes that the showed value is a very close approximation of the real value;
  • Implemented a "no reviews" state for listings and users without any reviews to provide clear feedback information;
  • Fixed the issue where the listing rating breakdown was not updating automatically when a review was left;
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Patch nameHYVE V2.5 goes live!
Changelist titleV2.5.5
Last updateNovember 19, 2023
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