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In the new update we've introduced the Claim HYVE (this feature is dedicated to the JRNY Club members), together with the carousel banners on the listings page for dynamic announcements. The footer got updated as well, since we added our social media links, and on the media side of things, we changed the newsletter provider to Substack. Back to the platform, we improved profile update requirements, and refined the Exchange Rate accuracy for listings. Email verification processes and informational notifications have been fine-tuned, ensuring smoother interactions. We've resolved issues related to currency list resets, cookie pop-up visibility, and profile picture uploads, ensuring a seamless and reliable user journey.
  • Claim HYVE page added - Seamless and straightforward steps to claim your staked HYVE rewards;
  • Implemented carousel banners on listings page for displaying announcements and updates;
  • Changed the newsletter provider and linked it to HYVE to Substack;
  • Improved the requirements for the users to update their user profiles, making it simpler.
  • Improved the Exchange Rate for listings, making it more accurate compared to FIAT currencies, such as the USD.
  • Improved the search experience by enabling users to search listings based on skills.
  • Added social media links in footer for easy access to our online communities;
  • Implemented widespread typo corrections to enhance clarity and professionalism across the platform.
  • Fixed a sizing discrepancy in the carousel banner on the Listings page for optimal display and user experience;
  • Fixed issues in 'Edit Profile' feature to improve user experience and reliability;
  • Fixed the problem related to sending email verification codes during the login process;
  • Resolved issues related to informational notifications, improving their delivery through toasts for a more comprehensive user experience;
  • Fixed the problem where the currency list would not reset when switching between chains and selecting the currency section, ensuring it starts from the beginning as expected;
  • Resolved the issue to ensure the cookie pop-up is consistently visible across all pages;
  • Resolved the issue where profile pictures weren't uploading successfully during profile setup, even if they displayed a success message;
  • Implemented search functionality to streamline category selection during the listing creation process;
  • Improved the design of the mobile menu for a more user-friendly experience;
  • Corrected the display issue affecting certain currency logos, ensuring their proper and consistent appearance on the platform;
  • Corrected broken hyperlinks throughout the platform, ensuring users can navigate seamlessly without encountering dead links;
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Patch nameHYVE V2.5 goes live!
Changelist titleV2.5.1
Last updateSeptember 8, 2023
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