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milan's brut

Digital Item
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Vector Tracing
9 September 2023

About the service

why my vector essentials?

Note: SA/domestic abuse survivors receive ALL my works and templates free of charge. Email me with your situation, and I will gladly send you a custom 100%-off checkout code. Cheers, and stay strong.

Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

20% of profits go towards RAINN or NCMEC, so extra donations are very appreciated! The other 80% will go towards my education and personal expenses.

These essentials are quite cheap for the quality put into them (over 180+).

it includes:

  1. world/planetary/atom-like symbols

  2. massive library of star symbols

  3. various miscellaneous graphics (hearts, 8-ball, radioactive logos, etc)

  4. 3D starter pack and editable versions (only editable if you have Adobe Illustrator)

  5. warp/grid melt graphics

  6. and of course, the y2k essentials

  7. +++some bonus graphics for my next release


You may edit all the graphics/symbols in the adobe illustrator file for personal experimentation and include them in your works. By buying my vector essential pack, you are given a commercial license.

You may NOT redistribute the pack, sell it, or use it commericially as a stand-alone product.

Made for?

Professionals or amateurs, these should be helping you with your journey, and the skill is how you use it.



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